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It’s all about priorities

Caught myself thinking about how people often complain with regard to their free time. I remember a talk with a friend of mine where I said I like to read books, but I hadn’t  money to buy them. She instantaneously said that it was not a matter of money, but priorities. She explained that my priorities were hang out with friends, drinking, partying, instead of saving money to buy those books. From that day on I changed some of my priorities. I’d rather hang out with friends than buying books, but since solely hang out doesn’t cost me a lot of money, I’m currently buying my books!

Instead of money, someone could apply the same idea to time. People do have time to try different things, change routine, or simply do things they like. Changing priorities is not an easy task, neither cheap. One must be aware of the inherent consequences. Well, mine I can stand them well. In fact they’re not bad consequences, but ranging from manageable to good ones.

By the way,  so long no bloggin ’round here! At least I’m aware that I can’t complain about time, but I do can about my heap sort.

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