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Random thought #2

Maybe I’m the strongest person I’ve ever “met”. So much thoughts running through my mind. What I’ve been through so far (The Simpsons Movie anyone?) mixed with mental condition (in a matter of physical and emotional states).

Fortunately, I’m not that much susceptible to what others say. However, it’s kinda obvious  (at least for me) that I tend to act different when people can convince me that their point is correct. Definitely not that much with regard to what others do. For an example, drug addiction could easily be part of my life (fortunately it is not). This just reminds me that having a minimum of intelligence is a bless.


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Point-based Rendering Technique

Today morning was my seminar about an overview of the Point-based Rendering technique. Bellow are the slides used during presentation (in Portuguese).

Direct link for download (recommended, since slideshare does not convert powerpoint animations): point based rendering seminar.

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Random thought #1

Why do people need to believe in something? Is it like such a motivation to keep going on? And I’m not talking about religion or god specifically.

That’s what I commonly see throughout the days. That something, I guess it is like a goal. I personally believe in those ‘somethings’. Maybe, once again, I’m generalizing my “mental condition” (this phrase just reminds me of one South Park episode).

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Happy Easter

For those who believe or not in God, Jesus and stuff (I personally don’t believe in such things, but since wishing people a good time doesn’t hurt anyone…), have a Happy Easter!
A nice picture from South Park from the episode Fantastic Easter Special, and the song sung by Randy Marsh (Stan’s dad):

In my Easter Bonnet, with all the frills upon it, I’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade.

Easter Bunny

South Park is loads funny!

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Random thoughts?

Almost everyone I know like to have their moment of “random thoughts”. I have it all the time. My mind is quite active, must I say (kind of Britannic, wow). When I started using Twitter, my first though was: wow, here I can place some of my random thoughts. However, recently I realized that I am spending more time twittering than blogging and since my blog sort of represent my thoughts, so I decided to write them here.

Through the post title you’re gonna notice: “Random thought #n”, where n is the number, duh! I’ve a cache of four, already written and just waiting to be “released”. Since almost no one reads this blog, my plan is to release them every two days. But this is just a plan, and will mostly depend on my mood, which is highly inconstant.

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It’s all about priorities

Caught myself thinking about how people often complain with regard to their free time. I remember a talk with a friend of mine where I said I like to read books, but I hadn’t  money to buy them. She instantaneously said that it was not a matter of money, but priorities. She explained that my priorities were hang out with friends, drinking, partying, instead of saving money to buy those books. From that day on I changed some of my priorities. I’d rather hang out with friends than buying books, but since solely hang out doesn’t cost me a lot of money, I’m currently buying my books!

Instead of money, someone could apply the same idea to time. People do have time to try different things, change routine, or simply do things they like. Changing priorities is not an easy task, neither cheap. One must be aware of the inherent consequences. Well, mine I can stand them well. In fact they’re not bad consequences, but ranging from manageable to good ones.

By the way,  so long no bloggin ’round here! At least I’m aware that I can’t complain about time, but I do can about my heap sort.

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KDE 4.0

So today is the great release of KDE 4.0. And by the way, KDE 4.0 is meant to run on almost every platform including windows.

So what I did was to download the installer for windows and play a little with it. Below is Dolphin on Windows (the screenshot could be more exciting, but I’m kinda late for work).

Dolphin on Windows

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Back to work

So tomorrow (which is today) I’m coming back to work from my two week vacations!  I hope to find time to blog and continue my autotools learning.

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OpenStereo Release 1.0.0

Again, I’m releasing OpenStereo. But today is a different day. I’ve done the first commit to OpenStereo google code site :D
And the best part: OpenStereo now features autotools support! Hooray!

Now, it’s only a matter of:
svn copy \ \
-m "OpenStereo release 1.0.0."

And voilá, a tag was created! :D
Also, uploading the tar.gz resulted from make distcheck

This release contains only official support for Linux. Support for Windows will come in sequence.

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Evolution of the technology enthusiast II

2008’s technology enthusiastJinmi made an extension to this post. Hahahahah I want so badly an iMac or a Macbook Pro!!!

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