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Perhaps the world is polynomial

So today is a historical one for mathematicians, physicians, computing scientists and much more people. Here in Recife, at the Federal University of Pernambuco, there is a man (Sóstenes Lins) which claims to have proven that P = NP. Hyperbolic plane and quantum computer are his words to motivate people about this extraordinary breakthrough. Well, I wasn’t at the presentation, because I was teaching PhysX… But I’m waiting to see available (i.e. in some video sharing site) the recording made by one of our teachers.

Just repeating: the day March, 27, 2008 is a historical day.


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For this new year

Yeap, it’s 2008 already.

This year I’ll attend a master degree program at Center of Informatics. In the ranking of people accepted, I’m the 10th :D

And I’m trying to reach some goals until the end of that course. One of them is to learn German. Another is learn how to package thing for autotools and Ubuntu.

With no further sayings, have a great 2008! :)

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Master’s Degree Program

Today I’m coming back to my previous job. I’m gonna do researches again! Just to acquire a Master’s Degree. The inscription (I don’t know whether this is the correct word, but whatever) process is on its way, and I need to gather some documents to apply for it. By the end of October I’ll be inscribed and by the middle of December, I’ll be waiting for the result. I’m pretty sure I’ll pass this and be ready to start classes on March. What I don’t know is: will I get the scholarship? Anyway, today my master’s will officially begin, at least for me.

Btw, yesterday I have met very good and funny people. And also I went down a hill in a tyrolean crossing way. It’s so damn exciting!

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Bachelor? Not yet, officially…

My classes just finished in August, and now i consider myself a Computing Science Bachelor! =D

I don't like these clothes ¬¬

I’m the handsome one smiling, at the middle ;)

More photos at Flickr.

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