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Back to work

So tomorrow (which is today) I’m coming back to work from my two week vacations!  I hope to find time to blog and continue my autotools learning.


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Not late for work. Not today.

In my way to work, I faced the metro stuck. No the metro, but the buses on Barro Station were stopped from entering or leaving the station. Street vendors were impelled from selling things on station, so they have just made barriers on each station entrance. But at least I got work not so late (15min) and I won’t lose my whole day.

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Awaiting results

I’m fully inscribed on master’s degree trials.

Documentation Accepted

Just awaiting the results.

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Multi-Massive Parallel Computing

And here is the first step of my Master’s thesis: studying CUDA. In shortly, CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) is an GPGPU language and runtime for the new GeForce 8 Series and so on. It’s a complete new paradigm, where programs written for such devices must have a parallel nature. So it isn’t so general purpose as it claims to be ;)

However, this whole paradigm will soon give me some headaches. Just look the figure below:

CUDA Computing Paradigm

(Figure taken from Nvidia CUDA: preview)

As you can “clearly” see, host is the CPU side and device is GPU side. A kernel is a program designed to run in parallel. The execution occur on a grid, which is divided into blocks, whose are composed by threads. Blocks and threads run logically in parallel, while a set of threads, called warp, run physically in parallel.

More will come, by the time I learn things ;)

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