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OpenStereo Release 1.0.0

Again, I’m releasing OpenStereo. But today is a different day. I’ve done the first commit to OpenStereo google code site :D
And the best part: OpenStereo now features autotools support! Hooray!

Now, it’s only a matter of:
svn copy \ \
-m "OpenStereo release 1.0.0."

And voilá, a tag was created! :D
Also, uploading the tar.gz resulted from make distcheck

This release contains only official support for Linux. Support for Windows will come in sequence.


January 3, 2008 Posted by | development, google, linux, me, open source, openstereo, release, windows | 2 Comments

Why did they left beta?

Why Google Reader left the beta status? To me, they need to test Google Reader under many scenarios. Just see the picture below (it is worth a thousand words). To reproduce it, just press ‘r’ a lot of times.

Google Reader out of beta?

September 20, 2007 Posted by | google, google reader, release, screenshot | 1 Comment