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GLUCo 0.1.1

This release fixes a compilation problem under Windows. You can grab the code at the project site.


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GLUCo 0.1

The GLUCo 0.1 is released! By now, the GLUCo project provides basic window management in C and a ported demo of the NeHe‘s Lesson 5. I haven’t tested it on windows, but it may compile. If not, I’ll test later and release a new version.

In the following screencast, you can see what’s GLUCo is capable of:

And also with this release, an issue remains open.

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GLUCo Window Manager

By this time I am committing an initial working on linux (I didn’t try to compile it on Windows yet) code of the window manager. It contains some bugs that I’ll try to fix later. But at least you can have the feeling of multiple windows!

You can grab the source code at the GLUCo repository here.

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GLUCo Progress

So, I already started to work on GLUCo and I’m getting things pretty well defined. I’m using old ideas of mine to make a window manager over glut, where the developer can create as many windows he/she needs. To write such manager, I’ll use the Glib library for data types an algorithms. Of course I won’t use the full support that Glib can give, so I am thinking whether use Glib is or is not a good idea. The immediate impact could be: C++ applications don’t need Glib for algorithms, since they have STL. Anyway, I’ll use Glib and later decide its fate.

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GLUCo Project

I know that NeHe provides a interface to picture loading or even a GLaux replacement. Also a simple base code or a more complete one (currently in beta). But they’re not so portable, so you need to adjust the code to fit your platform. With this problems in mind, I just realized that I could write a simple base code, unifying the development for Windows and Linux (I currently don’t have an MacOS). I pretend to use multi-platform libraries such as DevIL (a.k.a. OpenIL) to image loading, freeglut for windowing and keyboard/mouse input, and OpenGL for graphics, of course. This means another open source project of my own is emerging on the road: GLUCo (OpenGL Unified Code).

Consequently, the porting marathon will be “interrupted” (well, I’ll use GLUCo to continue the marathon in a more cleaner and portable way) to favor this simple-yet-powerful base code. Oh and I almost forgot, GLUCo will be written in C, so C and C++ applications can easily integrate it.

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