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Os Mutantes

Yes, for those who know they, I’m talking about music once again.

My last addiction so far. Psychedelic music (brazilian psychedelic one, I mean). Os Mutantes represent nicely this genre. I advice Tecnicolor for it being sung in English (almost all songs).


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Evolution of the technology enthusiast



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Not late for work. Not today.

In my way to work, I faced the metro stuck. No the metro, but the buses on Barro Station were stopped from entering or leaving the station. Street vendors were impelled from selling things on station, so they have just made barriers on each station entrance. But at least I got work not so late (15min) and I won’t lose my whole day.

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Twitter on the go!

I tried to resist. Now I have one too. I won’t talk much about what is Twitter. The only thing I have to say about it is: so damn great. And the best is: I can say what I’m doing through GTalk interface. Just amazing.

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Recife Zombie Walk

Maybe I’m gonna see for myself the Recife Zombie Walk. It’ll take place on Recife (duh), at Derby Square this November 2nd to celebrate the All Souls’ Day.

Recife Zombie Walk

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