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Random thought #6

Sometimes I feel like I really changed (in some aspects and extents, and for good), but people don’t realize it and everything stays the same (English Summer Rain, from Placebo). Well, since such change was “for good”, I try not to care so much about people’s mind status quo.


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How Software is Built: Wade Olson from KDE

This interview is really worth reading. It talks about the KDE itself, the acquisition of Trolltech by Nokia and some of its impacts on the community, the synchronization between open source and closed source developers on KDE code (and QT code).

Wade expresses exactly what I feel about working in a company: the get together with people, discussions about our work itself, etc.

Some people spend their free time doing it, and some people get paid to do it. But either way, it’s the emotional connection, and it’s the passion, and it’s the community that builds around it, and the friendships. Trust me, KDE’s code is exciting, but it’s not that exciting. People love to work on it because they love to get together and talk about it, and they have the same passions and interests. That’s where companies really need to look. They cannot screw up that ecosystem.

Source: How Software is Built.

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Random thought #5

The art of exchanging sentiments: I was used to change sadness or stresses for angry. I became insupportable. But this is not happening anymore. The “key” (there is no such thing, this is just something I believe, so I don’t feel too much sad) is to ignore bad sentiments, when they haven’t an apparent cause. Or just thinking in something else.

That is what I actually do. These random thoughts writings help me to think in those something else’s.

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