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Os Mutantes

Yes, for those who know they, I’m talking about music once again.

My last addiction so far. Psychedelic music (brazilian psychedelic one, I mean). Os Mutantes represent nicely this genre. I advice Tecnicolor for it being sung in English (almost all songs).


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Random thought #4

There’s nothing so bad that couldn’t get worse. I like this quote because of its truthfulness. And I’m not in a really bad mood or state. Just remembered it, so this need to write before I forget that (a reference to Slipknot anyone?).

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Random thought #3

Keeping focused is the key to succeed in on going tasks. Maybe I have ADD (it’s a good excuse uh?) or I’m just a lazy person (the most probable answer). Anyways, I lost my previous focus and decided to write this quick random thought.

Now, trying to regain my focus back!

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Infinite Looping?

I know that is not true. One day I’ll stop hearing this song, even if that day is the day I die, or became deaf, or else.

I am talking about Dancing Behind My Eyelids, from múm. Just hear for yourself (this is a fan video, so focus on the song):

Well, my profile says that I listened to such song 120 times (by the time of this writing).This happened onlylast week, and i think this number will jump to about 200 or so.

It’s a dumb music indeed with dumb lyrics, but I like it anyway.

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