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words – an empty shell, a lack of meaning

Random thought #1

Why do people need to believe in something? Is it like such a motivation to keep going on? And I’m not talking about religion or god specifically.

That’s what I commonly see throughout the days. That something, I guess it is like a goal. I personally believe in those ‘somethings’. Maybe, once again, I’m generalizing my “mental condition” (this phrase just reminds me of one South Park episode).


March 22, 2008 - Posted by | me, random thoughts


  1. It is a interesting question… I am a person who needs to have sth in mind… I mean… sth to run for… religious, professional, personal… it doesnt matter… but imagine… a person without any kind of goal… what is the reason for live?… it is such a suisaidal thought… :/

    Comment by Ricardo | March 24, 2008

  2. But I also think that if you don’t have any goal in mind, you just do whatever you wanna do. I mean, you could be a motivated person, but with any specific goal in mind…
    Well, I for once cannot live without something to keep me on track…

    Comment by Pedro Leite | March 25, 2008

  3. […] But this is not happening anymore. The “key” (there is no such thing, this is just something I believe, so I don’t feel too much sad) is to ignore bad sentiments, when they haven’t an […]

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