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KDE 4.0

So today is the great release of KDE 4.0. And by the way, KDE 4.0 is meant to run on almost every platform including windows.

So what I did was to download the installer for windows and play a little with it. Below is Dolphin on Windows (the screenshot could be more exciting, but I’m kinda late for work).

Dolphin on Windows


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Back to work

So tomorrow (which is today) I’m coming back to work from my two week vacations!  I hope to find time to blog and continue my autotools learning.

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OpenStereo Release 1.0.0

Again, I’m releasing OpenStereo. But today is a different day. I’ve done the first commit to OpenStereo google code site :D
And the best part: OpenStereo now features autotools support! Hooray!

Now, it’s only a matter of:
svn copy \ \
-m "OpenStereo release 1.0.0."

And voilá, a tag was created! :D
Also, uploading the tar.gz resulted from make distcheck

This release contains only official support for Linux. Support for Windows will come in sequence.

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Evolution of the technology enthusiast II

2008’s technology enthusiastJinmi made an extension to this post. Hahahahah I want so badly an iMac or a Macbook Pro!!!

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What a great coincidence!

Just when I start to listen to some Sigur Rós songs, QC publishes a strip containing a portrait with it. Awesome coincidence.

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Rhythmbox, what a shame!

And I found that Rhythmbox was storing my personal account in plain text! Switching to Listen immediately.

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For this new year

Yeap, it’s 2008 already.

This year I’ll attend a master degree program at Center of Informatics. In the ranking of people accepted, I’m the 10th :D

And I’m trying to reach some goals until the end of that course. One of them is to learn German. Another is learn how to package thing for autotools and Ubuntu.

With no further sayings, have a great 2008! :)

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