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GLUCo Project

I know that NeHe provides a interface to picture loading or even a GLaux replacement. Also a simple base code or a more complete one (currently in beta). But they’re not so portable, so you need to adjust the code to fit your platform. With this problems in mind, I just realized that I could write a simple base code, unifying the development for Windows and Linux (I currently don’t have an MacOS). I pretend to use multi-platform libraries such as DevIL (a.k.a. OpenIL) to image loading, freeglut for windowing and keyboard/mouse input, and OpenGL for graphics, of course. This means another open source project of my own is emerging on the road: GLUCo (OpenGL Unified Code).

Consequently, the porting marathon will be “interrupted” (well, I’ll use GLUCo to continue the marathon in a more cleaner and portable way) to favor this simple-yet-powerful base code. Oh and I almost forgot, GLUCo will be written in C, so C and C++ applications can easily integrate it.


July 26, 2007 - Posted by | development, gluco, linux, nehe, open source, opengl, windows

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